Welcome to a Special Kind of Memoir & the Literary

Experience with a Twist

Lynn Henriksen, THE STORY WOMAN™ invites you to join all TellTale Souls in the extraordinary discovery that other women’s stories are there to seek us out, to lead us to the awareness that we are at once one and all.

 The Story Woman’s™ stimulating, interactive Story Salons WorkshopsPresentations will guide you to  capture the character of your mother (or another significant person) in a short, distinct memoir. Whether you are a   novice or a seasoned writer, you will find your distinct voice and passion to write memoir.



  • Delving into your memories with easeSilly pie face compressed
  • Triggering your creativity
  • Polishing your prose
  • Energizing your writing via the senses
  • Trusting both the message and the messenger
  • Looking at truth & imagination in a different light
  • Creating essential energy
  • Celebrating your voice
  • Reflecting on the journey                                      Homemade rhubarb pie, anyone? Sharing those secrets, too. . .

The Story Woman™ Story Salon:  Leta M. says,  “Thanks for such a memorable and thought provoking experience…. I’ve thought so much about what was said, felt and rather magically shared. THOSE MOMENTS WHEN SOMEBODY GETS SOMETHING RIGHT.  EXACTLY RIGHT, THE RAREST EVENT.  You got it exactly right!”     …more Testimonials



“Tap Memory & Write Memoir: Keeping Spirits Alive” immerses participants in the imaginative, creative, interactive TellTale Souls’ Method to move memory into memoir, found in the recently published, award-winning guidebook, TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit.

During 1-3 hour presentations or story salon or 1-2 day workshops (tailored to meet needs), Lynn Henriksen takes daughters and sons on a compelling journey showing them how to discover the individuality of a “mother figure” and write to tell about it. The journey is one of discovery that takes readers through emotional terrain to access the deepest spiritual truths of intimate relationships while learning to write short, true stories called bio-vignettes (a term she coined).

It’s all about embracing a special kind of memoir that takes a look at the heart and soul of an important woman by answering this question: “If you could tell just one small story that would capture your mother’s character and keep her spirit alive into the future, what would it be?”

The “Mother Memoir” is special kind of memoir with a distinct and refreshing difference, one that adds new twists inviting readers and writers into a spirited and soulful world. Tapping memory and learning to write with honesty about intimate, often trying, relationships is the most valuable form of writing, as well as a profound way to understand one’s first connection with the world.

Participants find joy, catharsis, healing, uniting, and the unmistakable bond to the human spirit. And they also find their unique voices and the passion to write, even if they never thought they could.

To learn more about these significant literary experiences or to schedule an event, contact Lynn Henriksen at lynn(@)telltalesouls(dot)com.