The Story Woman Connects with Baby Boomers on Boomer Café

Journey with me into writing memoir...

Journey with me into writing memoir…

The minds of Baby Boomers are known to be teeming with ideas and, more often than not, they’re feeling the need to write memoir. That’s why I felt honored when the creators of the wildly popular website, Boomer Café, invited me to contribute some of the memoir writing wisdom I’ve gathered for well over a decade.

As one Baby Boomer to a host of other Boomers, my hope is to inspire and encourage them to write memoir—even those who don’t think they have what it takes to write. They do! I know writing memoir is more than possible, it’s downright doable.

When I teach “Keeping Spirits Alive” writing classes, I’m thrilled each time I witness daughters and sons discovering newly found memories and then moving those special gems into unforgettable bio-vignettes, stories of substance, only they can write.

Follow my lead. Join me on a journey of discovery into a new dimension in the world of memoir. I’st a space where daughters and sons are shown how to tap memory and learn to write their stories through innovative prompts, thought provoking exercises, and practical writing assignments to energize creativity. All this is in a setting enlivened with over 40 heartfelt tales by successful writers of the Mother Memoir.

This work draws people deep into the heart and soul of writing. I’ve come to believe to write anything well, be that memoir or fiction, the best place to start is learning to write a compelling true story about a “mother figure.” As the Story Woman says, “The ‘mother figure’ concept translates into writing about anyone significant in one’s life.” Keep in mind, Mom was your first relationship, and through her you connected with the world!

Boomer Café, a gathering spot for Baby Boomers, is an exciting place to connect, learn, and think expansively.  The same holds true when writing memoir: The writers of Mother Memoir, whom I call TellTale Souls, connect with family (and a wider circle, if they so choose) as they learn to write short, true stories by thinking expansively and putting those honest thoughts and images down on paper.

Writing the Mother Memoir is a significant step in learning to write with honesty about intimate, complex, and sometimes trying, relationships. It’s all about capturing the character and spirit of the people they’ve chosen to write about. The bio-vignettes we create—exceptional ends in themselves—are often the jumping off point for many writers to take what they’ve learned into crafting memoirs on a larger scale or to create works of fiction, as the case may be.

If you haven’t already, take a look at my article on Boomer Café.

I hope it inspires you to do what it takes to write like never before.

It’s your time to become a TellTale Soul!



  1. Pamela says:

    So exciting to see you in Boomer café! It’s a great site, and a perfect fit for you and your mother memoir. Your interview with them was fabulous.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Pamela. BommerCafe is a great website, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article. They’ve asked me to another one soon, and I’m thinking about using on of the stories written my a TellTale Soul to give Boomers a glimpse of what they can accomplish.

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