The Art of Hearing Heartbeats – Echoes of Spirit

One of the qualities inherent in writing the Mother Memoir is that it transports people to places where they look for the secrets of the spirit in people they more clearly want to understand. And one of the reasons why daughters and sons—T ellTale Souls—want to write the Mother Memoir is because they realize this journey, one they have never before traveled, will result in a reward, a renewal of spirit.

Spirit is echoed in the heartbeat.  In Jan-Philipp Sendker’s novel,  The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, Tin Win’s courageous and loving journey provides the proof.  As TellTale Souls follow their paths through writing the Mother Memoir and listen closely, the resonance of heartbeats become known.

The following is a brief review of this exceptional story:

The mysterious beginning of The Art of Hearing Heartbeats immediately drew me in—I knew I wanted to devour this novel, and I did right down to the last word in the very surprising and enlightening ending.  When two people who have been born with disabilities learn to live life on a plane higher than most people reach, there is no question that the so called able-bodied aren’t generally privy to all the secrets of the spirit. Throughout this marvelously written book, Sendker asks, through the actions of his extraordinary characters, are life’s occurrences preordained or fated? In an attempt to answer this question, time and again, the ground is set for a rare kind of philosophical thinking. The heartbeat reveals. Love trumps. Death is not calamity. This is a novel I will read again, and highly recommend.


  1. Pamela says:

    Thank you for that heartfelt recommendation. I love your book reviews. AND your new book, of course. Because of all that and more, I’ve nominated you for the Readers Appreciation Award. Check it out at

  2. admin says:

    Your welcome, in a very heartfelt way, Pam! I check out the Readers Appreciation award on your blog. Loved the story you wrote about appreciation, especially the blue-green connection. I tweeted it, too.

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