“They” Say Testimonials


The Story Woman™ Story Salon: “I should have gotten up and e-mailed you at midnight (or called since you were probably still up) or I should have e-mailed you at 2:20 while I was awake, or at 4:05, or 5:30. I know I slept last night but I kept waking up and thinking and remembering. I just want you both to know what a profoundly meaningful experience last night was for me. In order to move forward all those years ago, I slammed a lot of doors….I suspect that behind those doors, some of which are still closed, lurk many memories I’m still not in touch with.  Knowing that there are ALL these women willing to talk about their mothers, both in glowing and painful terms, gave me permission as well as a frame of reference to think about and interpret many of the things I’ve not really revisited….  Anyway, in haste, a HUGE thank you to you and Lynn for getting me started down this path. I love you both.”  ~ Susie, Boise, Idaho.

The Story Woman™ Story Salon: “Thanks for such a memorable and thought provoking experience…. I’ve thought so much about what was said, felt and rather magically shared.  THOSE MOMENTS WHEN SOMEBODY GETS SOMETHING RIGHT.  EXACTLY RIGHT, THE RAREST EVENT. That is how I felt when each grandchild was born and was perfect, with my daughter-mother, healthy and so happy.  You got it exactly right!”  ~ Leta, Boise, Idaho.

As I have written this story, I am aware of the tingling in my cells, the goose-bumps on my skin, as she surfaces from the background of my Being. I am struck by how she lives in me, with me, as me, always ‘just there.’ I had forgotten from whence I received my love of nature, my belief in fairies, my vivid imagination, my fascination with the Deep Mysteries, and I had long misplaced the sense of quiet stillness she gave to me. It is her voice I hear whispering, “Be still….listen.” ~ Marlene Mason

Lynn, I can’t remember the last time I cried about my mom.  There was a wall between my heart and my memories of the brief time while I had a mom, writing this brought that time back to life in a way I haven’t felt in a long time. This project has given me the strength to pick up that burden, and embrace it as my mother’s final gift. You have definitely tapped into something of real value for people. ~ Will, Northern CA     Willspirit.com

Give the Gift of Story is an excellent book for anyone who wants to go deep in their writing. I especially loved the sample writing and stories of women and the sections on triggering creativity and the effect of simplicity.”   Marlene Cullen, Writing Teacher & Workshop Leader at The Write Spot.

“This [Give the Gift of Story] is a great book. . . .I have a copy that Lynn gave me when I met her at a writer’s conference and it has been very helpful. I referred to it when I needed to write a chapter about my grandmother and mother in the 29 Gifts book.”  ~ Cami Walker on February 15, 2009, 7:40am, San Francisco, CA.

“It made me appreciate my mother as a person, not just how great a mom she was to me.” ~ Jennifer Bruno, Newbury Park, CA

“Now, by just starting the writing process and letting things flow, I can find Mama without trying. I’ve been involved in many writing classes – Lynn’s class was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. I didn’t want the class to end.” ~ Karina Gabrielle, Ashland, OR 

“I went through a whole gamut of emotions writing this story, reliving all those previously dormant memories of frustration and restrained lifestyle while growing up. Yet, all the while, feeling this powerful love – the lifeline thread that held us together. This journey, this experience has been great.”  ~ Marvin Wilson, Saginaw, MI

“I was ashamed of myself or having thought I had nothing to say. And then I found out I had so much I needed to say to her, to thank her and honor her for who she is.” ~ Suni Tecker, Ashland, OR 

“Telling this story was a good experience for me, and I’ve since done much soul searching and writing exploring the negative experiences in the relationship between my mother and myself. I now realize what I’m left with today, after doing my story, is called health!” ~ Marie Wells, Mill Valley, CA

“At first I was surprised that all I could think of were stories of hardship or sadness, and that’s not what I wanted to write about. When I finally found the little memory of Mom that I did use to write my bio-vignette, it seemed to then unlock the door to happy, wonderful memories. ~ Leslie Sullivan, San Francisco, CA 

“Lynn, you make the world a better place.Thank you for the occasion to explore and better understand the significance of women and make peace with personal issues. I see my mother in a whole new way after this difficult but rewarding experience, and I have new memories due to this effort. It was great, even though it felt like being pulled through a knothole backwards!” ~ Janice Watson, Central Point, OR 

“I found out she was really there for me even though I used to have it in my head that because she worked, she wasn’t there. Now I don’t feel guilty any longer that I, too, work and my children go to day care – they will also get great things from me. That was a powerful lesson.” ~ Anonymous, Texas 

“It’s always been so easy to write about my Dad. I was the oldest daughter, and my Dad’s first born son. He taught me to set the highest goals. My Mom was more difficult to write about. She was nurturing and attentive, but her mantra was “Don’t sweat too much, don’t get too smart, don’t beat the boys, and become a secretary or a teacher.”” ~ Joan Reinhardt Reiss, San Francisco, CA 

“Writing this story gave a ghost some substance, and I discovered that my strength came from my mother.” ~ Dan O-Neill, Talent, OR 

A young girl spoke with pride, “My mom’s the greatest, now everybody will know it.” ~ Anissa Hamdon-Morrison, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“Writing my story didn’t change my perceptions of Mother; I found it encapsulated her beauty.” ~ Dana Johnson, Meridian, ID 

“I thought before writing the story that it wouldn’t be interesting because nothing monumental stood out to tell about her, but I know now that it was just the little things she did that were priceless.” ~ Anonymous 

“Give the Gift of Story – excellent. Very thought provoking, even emotional. I would like to know more about how to develop these stories.” Evaluation comment after a presentation.

 “The lecturer, Lynn Henriksen, inspired me to make some small, yet extremely power changes in my personal life. This session was not only enthralling, but validating for me as a former non-trad. Thank you!” ~ Evaluation comment after a presentation. 

“Very valuable session by Lynn Henriksen, because it turned the light inward, to our “mother lode” and the value of story to connect us to our deeper selves and to each other.” ~ Evaluation comment after a presentation. 

“Lynn’s work continues the story telling of women, which supports individuals to manifest their visions.” ~ Evaluation comment after a presentation. 

“Lynn’s Gift of Story session really made me come up with happy connections with my mother and was very inspiring. I will work harder at creating rituals with my own daughter.” ~ Evaluation comment after a presentation. 

“The Gift of Story. Yes, very interesting. Great job of focusing us and inspiring us.” ~ Evaluation comment after a presentation.

“Lynn Henriksen’s session – it made me realize I need more time for introspection! That hour wasn’t enough.” ~ Evaluation comment after a presentation. 

“The Gift of Story session connected to my life very deeply, profoundly – it was the storytelling aspect. I wanted more time with her.” ~ Evaluation comment after a presentation.