Proof You Can Write Memoir Anywhere, Anytime

This picture says it all, but, of course, I’ll add a word or two.

When the words start to flow…On the Potty with Laptop

Some say our best insights come at the most unexpected times and places, so always be prepared. This picture actually reminded me of my daughter, Samantha – you just can’t keep that girl from working and creating. You go, girl!

Okay, no more excuses. Write your Mother Memoir now. That’s it; you’re on your way to honoring that most important woman by capturing her character in a bio-vignette – because you love who she is in the here & now AND want future generations to get a glimpse of that spirit you loved so much.

My friend, Judith Marshall, author of the soon to be published book, Husbands May Come and Go, but Friends are Forever, gave me permission to filch this picture from her blog. So, I didn’t really steal it, and now I invite you to steal away from my blog for a bit to check out what Judith is blathering about.

The Story Woman asks all daughters and sons to write bio-vignettes about their mothers.


  1. Lynn – LMBO! Loved the potty shot, and excellent prompting with this post. 😉

    The Old Silly

  2. admin says:

    Thought silly ol’ you would like that.
    Now what does LMBO mean? – Just figured it out – but butts & potty in the same post, I don’t know…WTH.

  3. Oh, golly, I love this photo. How funny. I’ve heard people in stalls on cell phones and thought that was pretty odd, but this is better. He’s probably blogging…or commenting on same. Thanks for the laugh.

    Best Regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  4. admin says:

    Have technology will travel…anywhere, anytime. Thanks for checking in!

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