Mother Memoir, “From the mouths of babes.” – TellTale Souls’ Bio-Vignette No. 14

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Indigo Girls

Mother Memoir Writing Tip: Once you have discovered the theme or premise of the story that captures the character and spirit of your mother, keep your eye on the prize! Focus your power by holding fast to just those images and ideas that you want recorded in your memoir. Keep in mind the idea of parameters—the framework whereby your story needs to be contained so your story won’t get out of control.

The following story excerpted from my guidebook, TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit exemplifies containing a story within certain parameters.  Anissa Hamdon-Morison’s story begins on page 137 of Act Three in the section entitled “Focusing Your Power.”

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Promise Keeper is the shortest story in the TellTale Souls collection, and you have already read the longest true tale, Sweet Persimmons, written by Helena Wan, posted as Bio-vignette No. 12.  Through the delightful words of nine-year-old Anissa, success in capturing the essence of her mother’s character, as well as a getting a glimpse of her own shinning personality, stands out clearly. (I’ve not included personal remarks and photos, since Anissa is a child.)  I always think of this story as, “From the mouths of babes.”

Promise Keeper

~Anissa Hamdon-Morison

I like the band called the Indigo Girls. My mom said if they came to Edmonton, she would take me to see them. The day came when the Indigo Girls would be in Calgary, which is “close enough,” she said. But, unfortunately, she was going to Lebanon with my dad to help children who live in refugee camps. So she bought three tickets to the Indigo Girls and arranged for me to travel to Calgary with one of my aunts, and then we’d stay at my other aunt’s home.             My mother keeps her promises. And she has taught me to behave. I am glad she has taught me to behave, because if none of us knew how to behave, we would have to replace houses with jail cells.

Daughters and sons from 9 to 90 use The Story Woman’s TELLTALE SOULS METHOD to move memory into memoir in a uniquely creative way, “Keeping Spirits Alive.”

You can easily find the stories I’ve posted from the book by searching “Bio-Vignette No.”


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