I’ll add more e’sources as time permits! These aren’t in any particular order. I’ll group them at some point.

FREE SPIRIT promotes spiritual growth and excellence in the craft of writing. And we have a good time. Laughter taps into the deep well of the soul.

A great place for writers, WriterFace, no need to say more.

Go Meet Your Muse, to get a dose of creative inspiration and to find interesting links to follow.

I highly recommend the site I discovered in the wee hours one morning, but Copyblogger spells trouble. Be careful, you can get lost in it for hours exploring, gleaning, and learning.

If you ever put pencil to paper or finger tips on keyboard, this is a site chock full of irresistible information.
Where authors and audiences meet. Go to to find out when authors will be in your neck of the woods or to let the world know where you’ll next be signing books – courtesy of Kevin Smokler.

Patricia V. Davis has a saucy new memoir out, Harlot’s Sauce…, and a couple intriguing web sites I think you’ll enjoy, where something delicious is always cooking.

Check us out, Women’s National Book Association. We do good things for the world of BOOKS. Get involved, get connected, get out there. Contact me if you have questions or need more information, I’m vice president of the San Francisco Chapter.

California Writer’s Club offers a wealth of opportunities to writers and authors. I belong to the Marin Branch.

Need a terrific editor? To find out how Vicki Weiland can help you make your writing more saleable through the editorial process, contact her at

This non-fiction agency works exceptionally closely with a relatively small base of client/authors. If that’s your area, peruse this site, Robert E. Shepard Agency.

Want to connect with some of the world’s greatest writers? The Red Room is a place for the literary community to promote their work, express themselves, socialize, and connect with their favorite authors.

Another site you might like, if you’re a California Author. They’re very active & have good programs.

Colette Hosmer’s site is beautiful, but of course, she a sculptor extraordinaire, even if she is a little “fishy” – take a look at her site, you’ll get it.

I couldn’t agree more: “A poet (Joan Gelfand) with exquisite poems… that reach those secret places where we all overlap and long for validation, says Jane Swigart, author of The Myth of the Perfect Mother.

Just what it says it is. Brainy Quote. Have fun perusing this site.

Cram packed with goodies for writers, the Writer’s Digest .

A San Francisco literary agent, who has a blog to enjoy, Nathan Bransford.

Michael Larsen – Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents is Northern California’s oldest literary agency, helping writers launch careers since 1972.

Want truly the best Northern California Realtor,who’s looking out for your best interests? Just click David Kirchhoff’s link.

ARTWORKinternational Inc is the only company of our kind on the globe, creating a global presence for visual artists.

Take the 29 Day Giving Challenge and join the giving community. I did.

Need website design and graphics, or just a tweak? Contact Linda Lee at

Here’s a boutique literary agency with big-city connections, Andrea Hurst, Literary Management.

Ted Weinstein Literary Management is particularily interested in representing narrative non-fiction.