Ghosts of Memories Crying to be Told

I believe in a coming together of spirits between daughters and sons with their individual mothers as they write the Mother Memoir, their bio-vignettes. And I believe an ever widening circle forms around people from all walks of life as stories are shared and embraced for sheer universality of emotion.

Memories dance like ghosts in our heads until we realize we have the power to set them free.


I crept inside and found you

oh ghosts of persistent passion,

sacred dancers, anticipating me;

chant-like voices calling, cries summoning—

seeking communion…


Concentric rings of shadows embrace,

spirits soar united, receiving, awakening,

inscribing one more soul, ghost dance resumes;

mothers, sisters, daughters, the throng consumes—

we nod in recognition…


I chose the ethereal path seeking you, and

found ageless, fervid wisdom, thick liquid;

otherworldly things now manifest in core.

children of grace, voiceless ones, my time to guide

your dance…


All ghosts of mothers, burgeoning with radiance;

spirit flames now molten sterling strokes on canvas;

hands molding clay, forever blending, bending, gushing—

releasing memories encoded in repose, etched in seed—for you



This poem, taken from my book, I wrote after being inspired by daughters and sons taking first steps into writing the Mother Memoir on their way to becoming TellTale Souls.

The Story Woman says, “The only way to keep spirits alive is to write your bio-vignette today as the ghosts dance in your head while pulling the strings of your heart.”


  1. Pamela says:

    I love this poem. I hope that some day, my son will read your Mother Memoir and write a story – a poem? – about our mother-son relationship. In the meantime, I love reading it and working on my own stories of being motheredl, and mothering.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Pamela. I also hope your son will write about you, since the mother-son relationship has a special place in a mother’s heart. You could make a little gift of the book especially to him (hint, hint)!

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