COMMON SENSE Win Cash and Tap Memory Book

Update: Some people are emailing their comments, so that works, too, if you'd rather: lynn(at)telltalesouls(dot)com. Tell me how Using COMMON SENSE Makes Perfect Sense THE STORY WOMAN'S TWO-PART COMMON SENSE CONTEST  Social, Intellectual, Religious, Political– you name it! Winner of Part 1 receives my “how-to” book, Give the Gift of Story: TellTale Souls’ Essential Guide to Tap Memory & Write Memoir in Five Acts, since learning to capture the character of a loved one in story makes Perfect Sense. Winner of Part 2 receives $25 USD from The Story Woman™, since my Common Sense tells me people like cash; it’s as simple as that. Threads of Common Sense run throughout the Mother Memoirs of TellTale Souls, but collecting pieces, examples, or bits of Common Sense is not the purpose of the bio-vignettes that daughters and sons write about their mothers.   However, the purpose of this contest is to do just that. This is a very simple contest with very simple rules

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Captivating Throne of Passion, Juana la Loca of Spain

The Last Queen

I'm posting this book review on an historical novel by C.W. Gortner because I think The Last Queen is a great read and highlights the difficulties women have had throughout history attempting to be taken seriously whether they are royalty or not.  Gortner will be honored this October 15th at an event for National Reading Group Month by Women's National Book Association, San Francisco Chapter. See links below for more information. Juana’s courage, strength, and passion amazed me as The Last Queen came of age so vividly under C.W. Gortner’s admirable pen. This historical novel is fraught with crushing battles of power and chilling intrigue throughout the courts of her parents, Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon, and of her husband, Philip of Flanders, as the Infanta of Spain attempts to take her rightful place on the thrown she inherited from her mother. My soul was struck as I witnessed, through Gortner’s well paced story, the agony Juana endured as her

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Spirit Rock Rocked – Dancing with Space, Freedom & Spirit

Spirit Rock

During a chance encounter with myself at the one-and-only Spirit Rock Meditation Center, I received a Wow! message from "my inner being" that will enhance my memoir work as I take folks down the path to memories heretofore unspoken and unrealized. Another proof of the power that awaits us when we give ourselves space to listen to the quiet within and to the voices of loved ones in the present and those who walked before us not so long ago. For my work right now, that lingering power is realized in the voices of our mothers and our looking at them as individuals, all the while searching for universal connections through the energy of the female spirit and soul. A new friend, memoirist, poet, and down-right good woman, Lynn Scott, invited me to her meditation group at Spirit Rock a couple days ago. Not something I generally do, but probably should do more often, especially when she welcomed me afterward to her home for her freshly made strawberry-rhubarb pie. Double yummy. Spirit

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Zero in on Mother Memoir Writing Workshops

Soulful Tree Jason 7-09

There’s a movement mounting for that special niche in memoir where daughters and sons come together to zero in on mothers. Take a look at the potential: Discovering your mother’s distinct character and spirit Realizing the wisdom waiting in your mother’s actions Writing the stories only you can write Connecting on myriad levels through the art of storytelling There are all kinds of ways to teach creative writing/memoir writing where folks can write their life stories, but my passion and focus isn’t on writing memoir in general. Inspiring and teaching people to Tap Memory and Write Memoir – even if they’ve never written anything before – makes the world go ‘round. Join me for the journey of a life time where you will write your short, true story. You can do it - you really can. I promise; you’ll be glad you did! The Story Woman asks you to write a bio-vignette capturing your mother's character and spirit. Photo by Jason Wells Photography

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The Story Woman Story Salon Sizzles with Emotion


Three fabulous firsts... #1:  Last Friday night "The Story WomanTM Story Salon" was launched in Boise, Idaho. It was an overwhelming success in every way. There were fifteen of us ‘ordinary' women who came together in my sister Dana's  living room to listen to true tales, bio-vignettes, that were written by a wide variety of daughters to capture the character of their mothers' from my collection, TellTale Souls: Keeping Spirits Alive One Story at a Time. The evening went beyond my (our) expectations and beyond the meaning of profound in so many ways. I don't know if the following words do it justice, but it was truly: Inspiring Intimate Connecting Emotional Educational Supportive Bonding Passion filled These ‘Wonderful Women' (as I call them - I know, rather a lame name, but they were simply wonderful) won't let it end, nor should they! They plan to continue on this journey of discovery we started on April 17th by meeting once a month to work on their

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Writers Pitch Your Book

The 2009 San Francisco Writers Conference begins just one week from today. It's a terrific three days of stimulating interaction with the literary community. I'll be there pitching my book of bio-vignettes, TellTale Souls: Keeping Spirits Alive One Story at a Time.  Wish me luck! And I hope to meet you there... The Sixth San Francisco Writers Conference 'Building Bridges to Better Tomorrows' February 13 - 15, 2009 Key Conference Features  Friday, Saturday, Sunday workshops, panels and other sessions The 2009 SFWC Anthology: More Bridges (published by iUniverse/AuthorSolutions!) Ask a Pro (formerly Speed Dating For Editors) - Asking questions of and pitching books to New York and California editors Speed Dating for Agents - Pitching books one-on-one to New York and California agents ($50 option) Pitch contests, Open mic readings, Gala party, networking opps galore Our San Francisco Writers Conference Writing Contest Attendees can receive free feedback on their work

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BEWARE – You Might get Hooked!

"I'm hooked, in spite of myself." Those words from an editor and a woman, who initially didn't find the idea of "Mother Memoir" to her liking, warmed my soul.  After reading the TellTale Souls (TTS) manuscript and the "How-to" Gift of Story (Gift) guide book, she went on to make many comments, I'll share a few:   I confess, I needed to be ‘shown' that this book has value and tremendous appeal. "The Work" made me a believer. There are so many books in the marketplace, and the idea of reading (slogging) through 50 or so stories about other people's "mothers" didn't, personally, appeal to me.  This being said, I found that most of the stories made me cry. I'm jealous of the love they feel for, and felt from, their mothers - stories I don't have. But, when I read through the Gift of Story guide book, I realized that there were aspects of my mother I could write about and be grateful for, because, Lynn, you provide not only latitude, but also charitable thinking in your

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Seven Resolutions for Writers

Yesterday, at the California Writers Club, we had the good fortune to hear Kevin Smokler, founder of - Where Authors and Audiences Meet, give us industry news, predictions of drastic change in the literary community, and seven reasons to keep on keepin' on. The following is the gist of Kevin's presentation.  To put it mildly, it wasn't easy to sell books last year, but at least there was a sense that Rome was not burning around our ears. Publishers Weekly is calling this (2009) "the worst year for publishing in decades." And the prediction for aspiring writers and authors is just as dire. There is a steady reliance by publishers on blockbusters. Either you have a name and a track record, or forget it. Big names like Amy Tan, Isabel Allende, John Grisham, and J. K. Rowling will have to write a book a month to please the publishers!  While the book business, in general, is facing considerable challenge, and aspiring writers are feeling unseen, unheard, unsung,

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Welcome Blog & Bio-Vignettes

My first Blog - the maiden voyage.  And, yes, I feel just like those of you who are writing your first bio-vignette by answering the question, "If you could tell just one small story capturing your mother's character to keep her spirit alive, what would it be?"   And take my lead on this - I've gleaned from the wise webbers that a blog should  be written like you're talking to a friend. Don't get too wound up in writing the perfect sentence; it isn't a novel, and neither is the true short story you'll write about your mother. So please give yourself permission to write just like you're telling someone the story. Thanks for finding TellTale Souls in this vast arena of cyberspace. It's my goal to give you interesting information and ideas to make your time with me exactly where you want to be, since you have more choices than the national debt - but we aren't going there. It's a lot more fun Keeping Spirits Alive One Story at a Time. We'll explore - could it be expose?  -

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