VIEW FROM A CAGE by Colette Hosmer, Sculptor


From my position on the worn, overstuffed chair, I can see outside the window and through the bars of my second story balcony to a wall of similar Chinese apartments beyond the narrow alleyway.  A neighbor across the way has an identical balcony, only the rusted bars of her confine support a few potted plants and the door to their kitchen is flanked by two red Spring Festival banners with gold letters – another banner is pasted horizontally across the top.  A caged bird flutter-jumps from perch to the top the cage to perch to bottom and back again. The woman of the house is slight, middle aged and gentle looking – neatly bobbed hair frames her round, expressionless face.  Sometimes I see her sweeping the balcony floor or watering her two plants, while the husband watches television at a deafening volume.  A small window reveals images shouting from the screen in 1 to 2 second intervals. It is always on, and he is always sitting in front of it, his presence exposed by clouds of

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Emotion, Passion, Sex Sizzle


~Spring sale on Give the Gift of Story guide book~ EMOTION and PASSION are the big buzz words lately. And hasn't SEX been selling since time began? So what's new?   Those three words, emotion, passion, and sex are battered about everywhere I turn from writers' conferences to blogging tips and to all aspects of media and human conversation. I‘m not quite sure why all the buzz at the moment.  It's not as though emotion, passion, and sex in writing or just plain living one's life are new feelings, ideas, or actions, but they have landed front and center once again. The daughters (and now sons) who are writing bio-vignettes for TellTale Souls are doing so through the passion of their souls, and emotion is alive in every sentence they put down.  I you haven't done it, you can still imagine how capturing the essence of your mother's character in a story to keep her spirit alive, as no photograph could ever do, must come from deep within. But you say, "I don't have what

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Be Mine, Valentine


             Just a couple days ago something extraordinary ‘happened' to me, that I want to tell you about.       It was heartwarming, so appropriate for Valentine's Day - can't help being a romantic.  I was raised in a wonderful place in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota at a little country store, Kelvin, just 4 miles south of the US-Canadian International Peace Gardens and 9 miles north of Dunseith, pop. 800!  We, kids, were the Dunseith Dragons, "Blue & White Dynamite, Fight Team Fight."  Yes, I'm reminiscing way back to my formative years where  a "man's" handshake was his word, where the work ethic was not asking, "what's in it for me," but rather, "what can I do for you," where the community came together for what we called a ‘building bee' if someone lost a home or barn or store to a fire, where we could wander the town without fear or supervision and swim in the lake without life guards (luckily, no one drowned).  Of course those were

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BEWARE – You Might get Hooked!

"I'm hooked, in spite of myself." Those words from an editor and a woman, who initially didn't find the idea of "Mother Memoir" to her liking, warmed my soul.  After reading the TellTale Souls (TTS) manuscript and the "How-to" Gift of Story (Gift) guide book, she went on to make many comments, I'll share a few:   I confess, I needed to be ‘shown' that this book has value and tremendous appeal. "The Work" made me a believer. There are so many books in the marketplace, and the idea of reading (slogging) through 50 or so stories about other people's "mothers" didn't, personally, appeal to me.  This being said, I found that most of the stories made me cry. I'm jealous of the love they feel for, and felt from, their mothers - stories I don't have. But, when I read through the Gift of Story guide book, I realized that there were aspects of my mother I could write about and be grateful for, because, Lynn, you provide not only latitude, but also charitable thinking in your

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Five Reasons to Write Mother Memoir

1. Honor someone other than ourselves. Isn't it time to go beyond today's cult of self-absorption by chronicling the spirit of others?  2. Keep our mothers' spirits alive. There is nothing like paying tribute to a loved one with a simple written record. A photograph captures a look at best, whereas a bio-vignette captures character and spirit.  3. Discover the secrets of women from different walks of life. Possibilities for embracing life unfold before us when we read true stories about mothers different from our own. It compels compassion, understanding, and unity.  4. Create catharsis. The outcome of writing a short, true story about one's mother results in emotional or psychological healing, when the relationship between the mother and daughter/son was sometimes difficult or rocky.  5. Become richer from the experience of actually writing a bio-vignette. Those of us who have embarked on this journey reach the other side more thoughtful, more knowing, and more

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Learn to Write Mini “Mother Memoirs”

Inspiring Mini “Mother Memoir” Online Writing Class Now Once again, that stimulating question, “If you could tell just one story capturing your mother’s character to keep her spirit alive, what would it be?”  If you need help answering this provocative question, sign up for my next 5-week online inspirational memoir writing class by going to my Classes page. Next class begins Wednesday, February 4, 2009. Register by February 2nd. Learn how to turn just one memory of your mother into an unforgettable story. Learn to capture the character of your mother in story as no photograph could ever do. ·         Learn by immersing yourself in the story woman™ memoir writing method that I’ve developed over the past decade. If you’re anyone who’s ever had a mother - read on . . . By portraying the essence of her character in a short, distinct memoir, you’ll learn and earn the joy of Keeping Her Spirit Alive. And “mother” can be any woman who

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Welcome Blog & Bio-Vignettes

My first Blog - the maiden voyage.  And, yes, I feel just like those of you who are writing your first bio-vignette by answering the question, "If you could tell just one small story capturing your mother's character to keep her spirit alive, what would it be?"   And take my lead on this - I've gleaned from the wise webbers that a blog should  be written like you're talking to a friend. Don't get too wound up in writing the perfect sentence; it isn't a novel, and neither is the true short story you'll write about your mother. So please give yourself permission to write just like you're telling someone the story. Thanks for finding TellTale Souls in this vast arena of cyberspace. It's my goal to give you interesting information and ideas to make your time with me exactly where you want to be, since you have more choices than the national debt - but we aren't going there. It's a lot more fun Keeping Spirits Alive One Story at a Time. We'll explore - could it be expose?  -

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