Can’t buy me love, no, no, no, no

Yup, here is a terrific new novel by Tanya Egan Gibson - How to Buy a Love of Reading, and the book is every bit as engaging as the title. She a new writer of fiction living here in Northern California. I attended her very first reading the other night at Book Passage in Corte Madera, cheered her on, bought an autographed copy, and read and read and read some more. This book is a huge chunk of change - I think it was ten years in the making - full of emotion and passion, reality shows, and protagonists in search of love and self with a surprisingly fresh twist. I would characterize Tanya Egan Gibson’s delicious debut novel, How to Buy a Love of Reading, as love stories between three couples even though ‘love story’ isn’t the premise of her book. Or is it?  But these love stories come with a twist, wherein the power of choice prevails as the characters literally rewrite their stories, their lives, and their fate. Actually there are three tales of love within two

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Give the Gift of Story will be given away soon. Don't delay, enter by Feb 19, 2009, see details below: Posted by Cami Walker, Founder of, on February 13, 2009 at 2:31pm in Great Giveaways View Discussions Fellow 29Gifts member and author, Lynn Henriksen, has made a generous offer. She's offering a copy of her book, "Give the Gift of Story," as well as donating 20% of her book sales for the month of March to help raise the money Mbali (the mother of our movement) needs to make her humanitarian trip to South Africa. About Lynn's book: Give the Gift of Story: Tap Memory and Write Memoir in Five Acts is a stimulating "how-to" book designed to guide you through writing a true short story, a bio-vignette. Activities, memory & writing exercises, and inspiring stories will prompt you to capture your mother's character in a 'Mother Memoir," even if you never thought you could. You will delve into memories with ease, trigger creativity, polish your prose, and find

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Learn to Write Mini “Mother Memoirs”

Inspiring Mini “Mother Memoir” Online Writing Class Now Once again, that stimulating question, “If you could tell just one story capturing your mother’s character to keep her spirit alive, what would it be?”  If you need help answering this provocative question, sign up for my next 5-week online inspirational memoir writing class by going to my Classes page. Next class begins Wednesday, February 4, 2009. Register by February 2nd. Learn how to turn just one memory of your mother into an unforgettable story. Learn to capture the character of your mother in story as no photograph could ever do. ·         Learn by immersing yourself in the story woman™ memoir writing method that I’ve developed over the past decade. If you’re anyone who’s ever had a mother - read on . . . By portraying the essence of her character in a short, distinct memoir, you’ll learn and earn the joy of Keeping Her Spirit Alive. And “mother” can be any woman who

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