Capture a Memory, Write a Memoir, Connect to the Universal Mother

Connect to the Universal Mother

Connect to the Universal Mother

Capture It!  Write It!  Connect It!  These are the catchwords I used when creating the TellTale Souls website in the year 2000.  2009 was the birth of The Story Woman blog, where I began posting tips, lessons, and secrets on how to tap memory and write memoir, while sprinkling it with reviews of books that grabbed my attention and guest posts by authors and artists of interest.

Closest to my heart is “Keeping Spirits Alive,” through teaching the writing of a special kind of memoir, the Mother Memoir, to daughters and sons who craft intimate bio-vignettes straight from their hearts.

From showing folks how to Capture It! to teaching them how to Write It!, it was time to Connect It!  So folks had an easy way to connect, I strategically wove 40 bio-vignettes throughout TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit, published almost a year ago.  Many stories are also being posted, over time, on the this blog (type “bio-vignette no.” in the search pane on this website to read them).

The Mother Memoirs encompass the good and the bad, from stories that inspire to those that make us shudder. We wonder why anyone has to feel the pain of being moth­ered by a lost soul. There are reasons, but not good answers, as to why some mothers act cruelly, while others exude unselfish love. We connect to one another through all kinds of true stories because they have a universal resonance.

I believe other people’s stories are there to seek us out, to lead us to the discovery that we are at once one and all. And I believe by sharing our stories all women and men will learn that there are, indeed, other ways of being. It is the mingling of our stories and the melding of our shared experiences that renew us and complete us. If we listen closely, we will hear the voices join until a soulful choir is born.

Most of us can’t help but connect when we hear other people’s stories, whether that’s by listening to stories being read aloud by someone we know or by reading them online or in the book. The story tellers are sharing some of the most intimate parts of their lives with us—they are sharing their mothers with us. That’s powerful.

When TellTale Souls bring together authentic, earthy stories celebrating the captured moments of a wide range of mothers, the overarching effect communicates the universality of the soul. “Aha! With her story I connect, in his story I see mine—ourstory.” Familiarity is immediately felt through the sharing of stories even if the stories revolve around people very different from ourselves. Whether we connect primarily on a joyful level or whether we are empathizing with painful moments, the universal quality is unmistakable.

The Story Woman wants you to write your Mother Memoir in the form of a very doable and powerful bio-vignette.  


  1. Pamela says:

    I agree with the importance of writing bio-vignettes of a mom figure. I’ve written lots about my mom, and she really loves my stories (fortunately she has a good sense of humor). Now I’m thinking it’s time for me to write about BEING a mom, and how I relate to my kids (who are now adults) and watching THEM parent. Does this fit in with your bio-vignette Mother Memoir idea? Maybe you should start working on Book Two of Writing Mother Memoir, with stories written BY the moms about their children…?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Pamela, for your thoughtful comment. Actually, writing the Mother Memoir translates into writing a bio-vignette about anyone significant in one’s life. Many of the TellTale Souls I’ve had the pleasure to work with throughout the years have done just that!

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